A platform for women to live and speak their truth without judgements 

Sometimes we need that ear to listen, the

reassurance in knowing that we are not alone, we need…each other. 

​Confidential Convos encourage and empower women of all ages to live their “best life.” We promote self-love and acceptance by way of motivating and uplifting in times of doubt and discouragement.

It is our goal to inspire women by revealing their true potential and self-worth, to create a life that is befitting of who you are and the accomplishments that you achieved.


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As an African American woman, I have heard of the stereo type that black women in America have a hard time submitting...

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The famous painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was recently diagnosed by a physician. After studying...

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You ladies inspire me to do better. I can relate to just about every blog you post, especially the single mom blog.


Your presence is needed amongst women today. I love your quotes and blogs. Thank you for sharing :)


Strong women are needed in this community. You ladies are the definition of strong and resilent.